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I'm Alison,
nice to meet you.

I am driven by a strong desire to create seamless service experiences that bridge the gap between user needs and business objectives.

With a solid foundation in repair engineering, I bring a unique perspective to service design. My expertise in troubleshooting equipment and stakeholder management allows me to understand the intricacies of customer interactions throughout the service journey.

Photo of Alison Belforti
Aftermarket Engineer


What is an aftermarket repair engineer?

An aftermarket repair engineer is a skeptic wrapped in a cock-eye optimist. We believe that everything is possible, so we design for success and defeat at the same time. Repairing equipment is exciting because it requires creative problem-solving, adaptability, and the ability to manage chaos because every plan is quickly tested by reality.

In the aftermarket, we don't have access to original drawings or processes, so we have to reverse-engineer everything. This involves breaking down processes and equipment into their individual components to better understand how they fit into the overall system and identify opportunities for improvement.

MY JOURNEY... a Service Designer

I designed projects the way they would be executed so every department could be successful in meeting the customers’ needs from the beginning.

Understanding what is feasible for the business and what the customer wants differentiates our product from the competition and results in successful wins and painless project execution. a Product Marketing Manager 

I applied creative problem-solving and collaboration with multiple cross-functional teams to meet customers’ needs and business goals.

Keeping power plants running in a crisis, or preventing a crisis in an aftermarket company (no drawings), takes perseverance and reverse engineering. a Repair Engineer

I developed the skill of recognizing and removing the pain points of coworkers and designed execution instructions and drawings accordingly.

Learning from technicians to understand the constraints they face in project execution, enabled me to design drawings and clear process instructions they could easily use which results in quality work done efficiently. an Engineering Student at a maritime college

I learned to adapt and overcome anything I encountered

to complete the job using grit and resilience.

When you are on a ship at sea, who and what you brought with you is all you have to solve life-threatening problems.

My Journey

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